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Episode 39 - Immigration, Voting Rights & Censorship

February 16, 2022

TEXAS IMMIGRATION STATUS, JUDICIAL RULING ON VOTING RIGHTS & INTEGRITY, and THE JOE ROGAN SPOTIFY CONTROVERSY - In today's episode, Bryan and Sam discuss the current state of immigration along the Texas border, the recent judicial ruling regarding prosecution of voting issues at a district attorney, rather than attorney general level, and the implications of censorship in an age of misinformation -- spotlighting the recent controversy involving Joe Rogan.

If you have any questions regarding today's episode, please contact Bryan or Sam at or Bryan L. Abercrombie is a Board Certified family law attorney with extensive experience in domestic relations matters including trial, jury trial, appellate and collaborative law. He has been licensed to practice law for over 18 years and had handled a variety of legal matters during that time. This includes Family, Civil, Probate and other cases. He has experience is all aspects of domestic relations matters including trial, jury trial, mediation, appellate and collaborative cases. Samuel M. Sanchez is a Board Certified family law attorney and certified mediator who is licensed to practice in Texas and Florida. He was appointed by former Gov. Perry to the Board of Regents for Midwestern University. He has worked in Civil, Criminal, Estate Planning, and Juvenile Law and has an extensive background in high profile, press intensive litigation.

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